Take this test yourself

How critical is your gambling?

Answer the following questions for a better assessment of your personal risk.

  1. Have you often thought of ways you could obtain money to wager on gambling?

  2. Have there been times when you had to gamble more frequently than before to get the same “kick” from gambling?

  3. Have you repeatedly tried to cut down on or control your gambling and found it difficult?

  4. Have you felt restless or irritable after trying to cut down on your gambling or to give it up altogether?

  5. Have you had the feeling you were gambling to escape from personal problems?

  6. Have you often found that you lost money and gambled again within a few days to recoup the money you had already lost?

  7. Have you often kept your gambling secret or tried to keep it secret from others (e.g. family members)?

  8. Have there been times your gambling caused problems in your relationship with your family, friends, work colleagues or teachers?

  9. Have you had others settle your gambling debts (i.e. bail you out) when your financial situation made you desperate?

Each “Yes” answer could indicate that you have already developed a gambling problem.