Gambler blocking

As many games of chance have a high addiction risk, gambling service providers are obliged to offer certain services to protect gamblers.For example, they must join the central blocking system OASIS. This means that to protect themselves, gamblers can have themselves blocked from all forms of the riskier games of chance throughout Germany (self-block).  

Gambler blocking can be a significant help if you don’t want to gamble anymore. There is also the possibility to block other persons if you suspect that they have a gambling problem (third-party blocking). 

We have summarised the answers to the most frequent questions about gambler blocking. 

OASIS lies under the jurisdiction of the Regierungspräsidium (regional authority) in Darmstadt, Hesse. Click here to visit the OASIS website.  


How does the gambler blocking system work?  

If you apply for gambler blocking, you are registered in OASIS. To ensure that the gambler blocking is effective, the providers need to check who wants to play and then check for this person’s details in the list of blocked persons. This is conducted as part of the entry control for example, or when you register for online gambling.You therefore need to show your ID card for riskier games of chance.  

The blocking is valid for all riskier games of chance throughout Germany. Those who block themselves for online gambling are therefore also unable to gamble in a gambling arcade – and vice-versa. 

Please note: Contrary to rumours, you do not receive a SCHUFA entry (the credit investigation company) if you are subject to gambler blocking. The blocking also has no influence on your residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis). 


How do you apply for gambler blocking?  

OASIS is managed by the Regierungspräsidium (regional authority) of Darmstadt. You can apply for gambler blocking directly from this authority, with the help of a form. You can also apply for gambler blocking at all providers of games of chance. The provider is obliged to forward the blocking application to OASIS. The person affected receives written information as soon as the blocking becomes active. 


You can find the OASIS applications here:  

On the OASIS website you can find further information and more forms. 


How long does gambler blocking remain active?  

If no other time period is entered, the blocking lasts one year. If self-blocking takes place, the person can enter a shorter period of at least three months. Sufferers can also enter a longer blocking period, such as five years or lifelong. The block can be lifted after the end of the blocking period by submitting a written application.Third-party blocking always applies for one year. 


Can I also block other people? 

You can also apply for gambler blocking for someone else (third-party blocking).  


In the case of third-party blocking, there must be indications that the gambler:   

  • is in danger of becoming addicted, 
  • is in debt, 
  • is unable to meet their financial obligations or 
  • is at risk of gambling at stakes that are much higher than their income or assets 

Providers of riskier games of chance are obliged to block people if the staff themselves become aware of the above-mentioned problems, or are made aware of them by third parties. Third parties can be relatives or friends, for example. You can apply for third-party blocking directly at OASIS, and should enclose suitable documents that prove that these problems exist.  

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and the application form on the OASIS website. Before third-party blocking is put into effect, the person affected must get the opportunity to express their opinion, consequently they receive a letter from the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt.  


Short-term block/emergency button 

Providers of online sports betting, online casino gambling, online poker and virtual slot machines must provide a so-called emergency button with which the person concerned can block themselves for 24 hours. This short-term block ends automatically without an application needing to be made. 


Who is obliged to offer gambler blocking? 

Since July 2021, providers of almost all forms of gambling are obliged to offer comprehensive blocking. These are:

  • Amusement arcade providers (with betting machines for money and products)   
  • Providers of betting machines for money or products in pubs/guesthouses   
  • Organisers (and brokers) of sports betting   
  • Providers of lotteries that take place more than twice per week   
  • Casino operators   
  • Commercial gambling brokers   
  • Providers of horse-race betting on the internet   
  • Bookmakers   
  • Organisers of online casino gambling     
  • Organisers of online poker     
  • Organisers of virtual slot machine gambling on the internet    

Providers are legally obliged to have an active gambler blocking system in order to be awarded a permit for games of chance in Germany.  


What should you do if the gambler blocking does not work?  

In Germany, on-site providers and online providers are legally obliged to set up gambler blocking if desired by the gambler/a third party. And they must compare the data pertaining to their gambling customers before every gambling participation with OASIS, to ensure that people who are blocked are not able to gamble.  


If a provider breaks the rules, you can lodge a complaint:  

  • For on-site gambling, you should appeal to your local Ordnungsamt (public order office) 
  • For online gambling, you should appeal to the Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL, the joint gambling authority of the federal states).  Click here to go to the GGL information portal   

Providers of illegal online gambling are not linked to the blocking system. To protect yourself or others from illegal online gambling, you can use, in addition to the gambler blocking system, so-called blocking apps. Further possibilities are to use the settings on computers or smartphones to restrict access to certain websites.  

Read more about this in our chapter on Digital aids 


Can gambler blocking really help with gambling problems? 

Gambler blocking can be regarded as an aid to becoming gambling free. However you should get additional support and counselling in order to deal with gambling problems on a long-term basis. You can find different ways to get help here.